Simon Flower a.k.a. Peak:Shift

prod_flower2Simon performs as both a DJ and a producer (Peak:Shift).

He began making music in the early 90’s with friend Jared Langguth, and with the aid of a couple of trusty Amigas they recorded music as Whinge. Whinge played regular live sets at dance parties throughout NZ during 94/95. Jared and Simon then started Straylight, a weekly electronic night at the BOX nightclub intended to allow an outlet for DJ friends and family·combining techno/trance/drum and bass and other electronic genres, DJs and live artists, Straylight was at the time a haven to techno purists, these parties kept the underground torch burning through a shared experimental sensibility.

In ’97 he set up Nurture Recordings – an English based vinyl label responsible for producing and distributing releases from the likes of Micronism, Clone, Peak:shift and Son.Sine. Simon established a second vinyl label, South Exit Records, in 1999 with a mission to release locally made house music, so far releasing the debut ep from Auckland house lads ÎHouse Of Downtownâ.

Through Nurture Recordings, and now South Exit records, Simon has opened a channel for locally produced music to international distribution and listener-ship.