Russell Brown

Russell Brown was working in the Virgin Marble Arch record shop, London in the mid 80’s when, one day, two female co-workers got talking about an “acid house” club they’d been to. The next weekend he was queuing up outside “The Trip” in Charing Cross Road.

Russell came back to New Zealand in the summer of 1988-89 and organised a dance party called Housequake, one of the first in the country, which saw 600 people at the Power Station, and the sell-out, Housequake 2 which featured Upper Hutt Posse playing.

Russell went back to London and wrote for a Select, Sounds, Music Week and Rough Trade’s The Catalogue, lived in Brixton and played out at the odd squat party before returning to NZ for good in 1991, where, among other things, he edited Planet magazine.

Russell has always been one for diversity, so hip-hop, the Flying Nun Sound (“electric folk-and-drone”), original acid, reggae in all its forms, drum ‘n’ bass, and straight-up house have all been the deal.

Russell continues to broadcast his weekly Hard News commentary on 95bFM and currently writes about the Internet for various print and online publications.