The day has finally arrived!!
We have started major production on Loops and Samples! This involves shooting the interviews and gathering the footage that will become the bulk of Loops and Samples the film. We started our first interview shoot with catching Pitch Blacks’ Paddy Free and Mike Hodgson a few days before Mike headed off overseas. Check out the pics on the interview on the site. This marks the beginning of the many interviews with key players in the industry over the next few months as well as traveling and capturing some special people and places.

We are still trying to collect outstanding research questionnaires….so if you have been sent one or asked to fill one out we will be following you up shortly! Many thanks to all of the people who have contributed their histories, thoughts, ideas and comments to the project so far

We have also been talking distribution with local cinema chains and hopefully, soon we will be able to let everyone know where you can go and see Loops and Samples.

I would like to take this opportunity again to thank all the party goers, promoters, djs and other industry people who have been so supportive, helpful and patient where ever the team have ventured. It makes our job that little bit easier and so much more enjoyable.
– Camilla Anderson, Production Manager.

Past Producers Diary Entries

14 January 2001

With 200 drawing to a close this year has been a great learning curve for all of us. We have realised the huge task it is to try and chronicle the NZ Dance music scene. Everyday we are contacted my more and more people to make sure that we cover every aspect of the scene.

This is we were very lucky to have been given the opportunity to attend and cover the Red Bull Music Academy in Dublin. It was really evident there the strength of the Scene in Aotearoa.

We are aiming to start shooting our major interview’s in 2001. This year has been spent shooting many many parties in search of the elusive beautiful crowd shot…as well as making sure we have some footage of every dj / producer we can.

We look forward to a very busy 2001.

14 August 2000

Back and buzzing from our trip to the Red Bull Music Academy in Dublin. We spent the last week of July documenting the success of NZ dj’s such as Cuffy, Flic and Mikki-Dee. New Zealand was really well received at the Academy and it was great to be part of it all.

The task of collating the research keep’s getting bigger and bigger and we are realign what a huge task we have taken on. We have had to allow more time to gather in the research questionnaires from all industry people. There are still though, many people who we feel need to fill in the questionnaire and get it back to us. If you are, or know anyone who should be in touch with us, please direct them to the Get Involved page of the site, where one can fill out the questionnaire.

We have had some more people come on board to help us with the research and also to help us maintain the website and some new features. The website, as you can imagine is continually growing and we want to keep it as up to date and interesting as possible.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who voted in the 95BFM Music Awards. The results are announced on 26 August.

7 July 2000

The last while has been spent moving the focus of our research from Auckland to Wellington. At the end of June, Anoar and I took a very successful trip to Wellington and tried to catch up with as many people as possible to explain the project and ask for support with our research. Presently we are working on expanding the website, which also serves the purpose of collating our research. We will be doing the same with Christchurch and Dunedin in the very near future. This is not to say that any of the smaller centers will be missing out, we will find everyone we need to, no matter where they are based.

As you probably have noticed as well, the website is expanding each time you visit. We want to develop an open philosophy where all of our research is represented online and presented in an entertaining and informative way. We are also proud to announce our nomination for Best New Zealand Music website in the B-Net Music Awards. The winner is decided by public vote, so visit The B-Net Music Awards Site and get voting!

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Other interesting things of note is that in late July we will be going to Dublin, Ireland to cover talented New Zealand DJ’s that are attending the Red Bull DJ Academy. This will be an amazing experience and a chance to capture Aotearoa talent wowing them on distant shores!!

17 April 2000

“Busier than ever as preparation for the coming months of full blown production draws near, and growing media interest in Loops and Samples mounts. A recent interview on b-nets bFM in Auckland went well, and there is some print stuff coming out soon as well. Production planning for shooting of interviews all across Aotearoa and overseas is also coming together. Loops and Samples will be in your town, getting your story, before the years end.

Once again, asking that if you know anyone with footage, stories, photographs, and memorabilia we may be interested in,or perhaps even yourself…get involved !”

27 February 2000

“The days seem to be rushing past at the moment and Loops and Samples is growing and moving ahead with speed. At the moment we are dealing with the huge response we are getting from the website and the questionnaire’s that we have sent out to key industry figures.
The production side of Loops and Samples is concentrating on attending and shooting at major events as well as making contact and speaking to people who have approached us or who we have approached with footage of parties and gigs in the last decade. Sorting this and logging it will be a major focus for the next while.

Subtle marketing is on it’s way too…keep those eyes open.”

04 February 2000

“The Loops and Samples team are currently in pre-production, which means conducting research for the film, finding out who the key figures are and contacting them. So far the response from the many people we have contacted so far has been overwhelming, with people more than happy to tell their story and share their contacts. We will continue to carry out this research until late March for Auckland, and late May for the other areas. The website has now been online for a few weeks, and has also received good feedback. Very soon we will be adding a downloadable trailer to the site, and starting some soft marketing so keep an eye out.”