Paddy Free

scn_pb03Paddy Free is one of New Zealand’s foremost electronic music producers. He has been voted best keyboardist in 1999’s bFM New Zealand music awards, and he is a self described “Musical electron herder”.
Paddy has been making electronic music since 1985 and will be remembered by many Auckland dance aficionados as the hyperactive keyboard player with Mesh. His sound manipulation skills have been utilised by artists such as, Killing Joke, Emma Paki and Neil Finn.

Paddy states that the “diversity of influences in the people that make music in new zealand, and the open mindedness towards different styles (ie not being so genre-bound) in the people that listen to it” are what makes New Zealand produced dance music different. “Its informed by nature and not by urban pressure.”

Paddy’s Top 5 of all time:

1. Oh Yeah – Yello
2. Pump Up The Volume
3. THC Winter – Salmonella Dub live on a good night (preferably outdoors in summer in the South Island.)
4. Space Shanty – Leftfield
5. Master Plan – Early 90s raregroove track I dont know who by