Mark de Clive-Lowe

art_loweHaving first appeared on the scene with his group, “Jazz in the Present Tense” back in 1996, Mark is now firmly established as one of New Zealand’s finest jazz musicians and dancefloor-jazz producers with many years of international touring and numerous recordings to date.

It was London, however, where Mark found his niche.

Through saxophonist Nathan Haines, Mark was brought into contact with some of the UK’s best DJ/producers – notably Phil Asher and collaborations with, Joe Clausell, Francois K, I.G. Culture, Dave Angel, Dego (from 4Hero), A-Sides, Matrix, Daz I.Cue, Paul Seiji and more. Mark quickly became a popular choice to bring his jazz stylings to new underground dance tracks.
Returning to NZ for 1999, Mark spent the post New Year months performing with his new band featuring DJ Manuel Bundy and a roster of other great musicians. Mark collaborated in early ’99 with producer Joost Langeveld and DJ Jason Rockpig on a track titled Double Density for Kog Transmissions’ acclaimed house compilation Algorhythm before recording, Six Degrees. Rounding out ’99, Mark has been working in San Francisco and London with the likes of Nathan Haines and drum’n’bass don Lemon-D and touring Japan with his Tokyo Trio as well as co-writing and recording a new album with German breakbeat and drum’n’bass unit Megashira. Mark will be heading overseas again to set up his new home base in West London.

Meanwhile, catch the Summer 2000 “Round Midnight Clubnite Series”, in Auckland.