Loops & Samples Synopsis

Within the last 20 years, a swelling offshore wave has broken and become the force swaying a half-century of well-entrenched rock music culture within New Zealand.


New Zealand! Repeatedly mentioned by international visitors, as one of the most exciting places in the world to play dance music.

Director, Anoar Ahmed’s first feature film investigates the exciting rise of this sub cultural phenomenon, with the determination to expose the invisible architects behind this exploding social trend, whilst showcasing New Zealand’s native dance music and its makers to the world.

dimLoops and Samples will take the viewers on a journey through the history of the New Zealand dance music industry; beginning with an unearthing of the innovative endeavors of pioneering artists, Key DJs, promoters and club owners, moving through the organic development of the scene. Our focus will be on the development of electronic genres and landmark parties, to the current thriving and diverse network of producers and consumers – from DJs to the dance floor.

Interviews will enable key industry insiders to tell their stories. These individual voices will be intercut with historic archival footage and high-energy visuals of recent pre and post millennium dance events. This will form the basis of the film’s story structure.

The film will tap into the passions of the young people who have embraced this worldwide movement to make it a vital and powerful part of their sub cultural identity. Loops and Samples will be an illustration of the blood, sweat n’ tears of the production process and the sheer joys of party throwing and party going.

Loops & Samples Treatment

Loops and Samples will take the viewers on a chronological journey through the history of the New Zealand dance music industry; from its beginning with the activities of innovative local artists – tracing the organic development of the scene as venues multiplied, through to its currently established network of promoters, clubs, DJs, media, supporters and of course the clubbers.

The Loops and Samples crew will attend a number of key events, putting the viewer both within the crowd and behind the decks. Interviews will extend to all levels of participation – from event promotion and club ownership, to in-studio production and live performance, to the very act of attending dance parties. A team of clubbers will be selected from different genres of dance events representing, respective genres who will attend parties allowing viewers to see these events in different light and share the experience through other partygoers eyes.

Social science experts will also be talking to the crew and sharing their views on why and how this SUBCULTURE came about and grew so rapidly in New Zealand.

Behind the scenes activities such as studio-based writing and recording will also be explored. The ins and outs, ups and downs, the glamour and the warts of this new global entertainment concept will be detailed in full.

The background influences, ambitions and philosophies of the key industry players will be brought to light through interviews. Loops and Samples will investigate the impetus behind the country’s first dance parties, beginning with the underground scene of the early 80’s and the rise in popularity of outdoor raves and club events.

The Kiwi tradition of the young person’s O.E. to the UK has eventuated in the importation of exciting new sounds to Aotearoa. It was during the early 80’s that Peter Urlich (one-time front man for th’ Dudes and now prominent scene figure) was made a convert to dance music through his excursions to the UK Not unlike Peter Urlich – Simon Grigg, another significant player, was bold enough to fly in the face of opinion and launch one of the country’s first solely dance venues. The image of the UK DJ spinning records and charging audiences, the experience of the thumping, steaming warehouses filled with ecstatic, enraptured ravers had changed the lives of these musicians and music lovers. Their determination to share this newly discovered unstoppable musical expression has paved the way for what has become a new paradigm in local sub cultural life-styling.

During the 70’s, Disco had ushered in club based hedonism to the world of popular music. Loops and Samples will put the spotlight on the producers who caught ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and have followed the evolution of this genre into House, Trance, Techno, on through the funk influenced breakbeat styles of hip Hop, Jungle and Drum n Bass.

It is the hard work and dedication of the people within the industry network that has placed New Zealand on the world map as an exciting and energetic place to visit for international artists and producers. The film will also incorporate the view of several of these high profile visitors, who are able to provide a global to local perspective.

A major component of Loops and Samples will be the production of a high-energy soundtrack geared towards showcasing local music and its makers. Historically significant tracks will be selected through research and complied and released as a companion Soundtrack CD to the film (CD1). In collaboration with key local electronic producers, Loops and Samples will re-create a recorded performance of some of these landmark works, inter-cut with interviews allowing the artists to explain their approach, influences and the history of some these historic tunes. The Loops and Samples crew will also appoint a team of today’s leading local electronic producers to remix some of these historic tunes, which will also be shot and inter-cut throughout the film as work in progress. Thus allowing some rising stars and long time legends of the local dance music scene, to showcase their approach and views in comparison to the original producer. These freshly remixed tracks will also be released as a part of the film’s Soundtrack CD (CD2).

A website has been created to provide a channel of communication between the public, the talent and filmmakers. To date this website has facilitated further research, generated feedback and has ultimately widened the circle of collaboration immensely. The website also serves as a dossier to the documentary content and crew, and provides detailed information about artists, events, links to other sites and the industry in general.

It is integral to the Loops and Samples philosophy, that a collective goal is being pursued in the charting of this small but unique country’s electronic music scene. To this end, Loops and Samples welcomes and actively fosters collaboration from all who share the vision. Get involved.

Yours with much faith,

Anoar Ahmed