Darryl Thompsom a.k.a. DLT

prod_dltFrom the arguably controversial group UpperHutt Posse through to The Dam Natives, Joint Force and to pushing the barriers of Kiwi pop music with Chu Fu’s number 1 “Chains”, DLT has championed Aotearoa Hip Hop with a deep passion that commands much respect.

Darryl was brought up in Maraenui in Napier, where “you went to sleep to the sound of women being beaten”. It was from there that Darryl managed to get to Wellington where he learnt some important lessons. Since then he has devoted a great deal of his life trying to improve the situation of Maori youth.

Host of The “True School Hip Hop Show”, with a Jungle influenced album released of the same name, he is the producer and influence of many local hip hop favorites. DLT has carved his place, and is often considered the godfather of Aotearoa Hip Hop. Currently he is working on a remix with Micheal Franti, and music for Maori TV shows “Tumeke” and “Pukana”.

L&S: What has inspired you to create dance/electronic music?

DLT: Rhythm !, Bob Marley and the magic of music to bring people together.

L&S: What has been the most memorable experience of your career?

DLT: Meeting Louis Farrakahn, and Gil Scott Heron in the USA.