Belinda Trewern a.k.a. B-Line

Belinda has her musical beginnings in classical piano and composition, first playing at aged 4. She has studied music at Victoria and Canterbury Universities and has long been a fan of Hip Hop, Trip Hop and Breakbeat. It was in 1996 however, that she brought her first Drum n Bass Record, a sampler featuring PFM and LTJ Bukem. She is now the only female Drum n Bass DJ who regularly plays out in clubs across NZ. B-Line is primarily a part of the Pointblank kru in Christchurch where she is based (and a resident at their weekly sessions), however she has also played with Subtronix and Thunderground (A.K), Grind and Discotek (Wgtn), Scientific (Chch), Subs & Breaks (Dndn), Groove Therapy and Tekstep crews (Melbourne). 

B-Line’s international support roles have been in her short years as a professional DJ, Kemistry & Storm, Ed Rush and Optical (1998) Andy C and MCGQ, Doc Scott and MC Justyce, Grooverider, Storm and MC Flux (1999), Konflict, Ed Rush and Optical, Bad Company, and Doc Scott and MC Justyce (2000). She has also played the last 3 Gatherings. 

Belinda believes a DJ’s job is to lead and provide, “stay open to the circumstances, always be aware of the party and the vibe” On a deeper level B-Line see’s D’n’B as “Future Music”, with influences coming from levels on earth and beyond. Her ambition is to represent New Zealand on the world stage – playing both UK and the N.Z. sound.