The following is an alphabetical list of Artists, DJ’s, Promotors, Venue Managers, who have contributed to either the initial pre-production research or filming of the “Loops & Samples” project.



 Andy (Re:Mix mag) 
 Bevan Keys 
 B-Line (Ch-Ch) 
 Bruce Ferguson 
 Cam Fisher (Kaya) 
 Chris Chetland (Kog Transmissions) 
 Clinton Smiley 
 Cuba & Gizmo 
 Dave Roper (Subtronix) 
 Emerson Todd (House of Downtown) 
 g-fahkri (Khuja Lounge) 
 Grant Fell 
 Greg Churchill 
 Heath Burgoyne (SoulSonic) 
 Jaquie Brown (ex-George FM) 
 Jon Davis 
 Joost Langeveld
 Kinesis (Constant Force) 
 Leyton from Epsilon-Blue 
 Mark De Clive-Lowe 
 Malcolm Smith 
 Michael Lawry 
(ex-Headless Chickens) 
 Mike Weston – Pulse Records 
 The Nomad 
 Paddy Free (Pitch Black) 
 Basstech – John Pell 
 Peter Urlich 
 DJ Riddle 
 Russell Brown 
 Simon Flower aka PEAK:SHIFT 
 Simon Grigg (the Box, Huh!) 
Not a complete list, but some more of the important people we spoke to during the research and/or filming of Loops and Samples.
• 48 Sonic 
• 50hz 
• Chris O’Donoghue (Lightspeed) 
• Dan Hesson (FREq)
• DDogg (Grind Promotions) 
• Dean Webb
• Dubhead 
• Gideon 
• Glen Davison aka Substance
• Greg “Bluey” Powell 
• G-Spot
• Johnny Chrome 
• Otis Frizzell (MC OJ & Rhythm Slave, Joint Force) 
• Manuel Bundy 
• Marcus (Wired) 
• Matt Demon 
• Mike Hodgson (Pitch Black) 
• Mikey Havoc

• Nathan Haines 
• Nick D’Angelo
• Iain Gordon (Ebb/Bongmaster) 
• Jamie Robertson
• Roger Perry 
• Pyre – ChCh
• Sam Hill 
• Sam Momany (5am) 
• Sample Gee 
• Soane 
• Sir-Vere
• Steven Green 
• Stinky Jim 
• Tim Phin 
• Timmy Schumacher
• Pots